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Various Open source websites: Tattoo No More, Gentle Breezes ,
Regalo Shop
, Peter van den Beld,
IP-Caribbean, APMS-NV, Home Sweet Home
Take a peek at some dynamic Flash sites:

De Goudsmid

We design e-commerce websites that will generate audience and sell

We treat each of our clients exclusively and provide individually tailored solutions to address your specific online requirements...
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SEO Website Design

The combined efforts of our website design and SEO experience will ensure that you will not only be getting a website which is responsive, easy to navigate, works smoothly and looks great, but that it will also have flawless inner linking structure, metadata in perfect order, and that none of the onsite SEO aspects will be left unaddressed. We rely on our expertise and creativity to cover all the critical aspects of building a great website.
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We Specialize in WordPress Websites

WordPress is an open source content management system that has evolved into one of the most popular website publishing systems in the world. Although our team is versed in a wide variety of content management systems, WordPress is one of our favorites. We build feature-rich, highly-dynamic websites that focus on brand differentiation and engagement.

Guaranteed Satisfaction...
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sqrIntranet and extranet

Whether you are implementing a new intranet or extranet solution or looking to revamp the one you have, the key to enhancing employee engagement and ensuring intranet adoption is a well thought-out and executed intranet homepage.
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Zen Cart
,Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; a free, user-friendly, Open Source shopping cart system. It offers easy administration / product management with basic working credit card processing out of the box. The software is also designed to make online shopping easy for customers and simple for the shop owner to manage..
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Zen Cart


Virtualbytes guarantees a safe, fast and easy ecommerce experience that results in a quick checkout procedure that will benefit both you and your clients.
Website Usability according to Jacob Nielssen- -> .

We will stand by you from the beginning to the end to guarantee a smooth payment flow for your e-commerce shop. This enables you to keep your most critical users happy who will come back or recommend it to others.
Depending on your bank we can implement an ideal payment processing solution by transferring every online sale immediately to your account

payment options

For retailers with a Brick an Mortar store our advice is: ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SITE UP TO DATE! Do not underestimate online clients researching products that you and other retailer web sites are selling. There is a huge group that uses the internet to eventualy visit the store/company that suits their needs. That's why it is important to start or update your website TODAY.

Choose your preferred Safe Payment Method like WorldPay, PayPal or Ogone. For the Nettherlands we use the iDeal online banking system from the Netherlands) Soon to be an international payment method.

EXAMPLE: We can connect your Zen Cart webstore by implementing your personal PayPal ® merchant account for direct payments or any other international payment merchant.

* With a merchant account you can accept safe and secure creditcard purchases and control your own payment administration through a secure dashboard
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Zen Cart in combination with WorldPay, Moneybookers or PayPal,, gives you access to one of the market's most sophisticated and most user-friendly E-commerce solutions. Call us for more info about implementing this Open SourceShopping Cart System into your website.

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