There are various types of mosquitoes. Most of these mosquitoes don't bite and live exclusively on nectar and pollen. Of all the mosquito breeds that do bite only the females are interested in blood. The small percentage of mosquitoes that are out out for your blood, can still be a terrible nuisance! I have been enormously allergic to mosquitoes and mosquito bites since I was born and have literally tried all the anti-mosquito aids and have collected a lot of knowledge and best products to repel mosquitoes. Mosquito lamps, anti-mosquito plugs, insect repellents, bracelets and against mosquitoes; I have taken it all in and tested it and in most cases with no result. In this article I distinguish the products that will help repel or eliminate mosquitoes when it comes to effective mosquito control. Do not get fooled with all the harmful repellents and non-working devices against mosquitoes that are offered out there. If you are allergic to mosquitoes (or if you just hate painful and itchy mosquito bites), then I recommend the following products on this page: A mosquito-lamp, mosquito screens, a mosquito net and an electric fly swatter! With these 4 anti-mosquito means you keep mosquitoes away from you when you need a mosquito free and safe surrounding.
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